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Seoul White Korea

The white that’s worth the wait: Korea’s latest skin whitening breakthrough is now in the Philippines.

Seoul Beauty Inc.

Currently at the forefront of the industry, South Korea is leading the beauty race, fueled by the demands of a nation obsessed with skin care.

For Koreans, skin care is a way of life, and this is precisely what keeps the K-beauty industry Inspired by Korea’s skin care superiority and prowess at innovation, Seoul Beauty Inc. takes a shot at bringing some of that K-beauty magic to local shores with Seoul White Korea, a breakthrough skin whitening line made for the Filipina.

Instant K-White Glow

Seoul Beauty Inc. is proud to introduce its two groundbreaking products, which promise to help Filipinos achieve that coveted Korean glow:

The first of its kind in the local market, the Seoul White Korea’s Instant White Tone Up Cream is a new kind of skin moisturizer than instantly lightens your skin tone upon application—just like magic! It packs three potent ingredients (arbutin bearberry, white strawberry, and donkey milk) in a lightweight, non-makeup cream that whitens as its softens.

The Seoul White Korea Double White Whitening Soap combines the brightening powers of arbutin bearberry and tried-and-tested kojic acid in our gentlest whitening bar ever. The precious white strawberry exfoliates skin as you cleanse, letting you enjoy a double whitening effect minus the stinging sensation.

What makes Seoul White Korea different?

Superior Quality

Our products live up to the high beauty K-beauty standards, but are tailor-made for Filipino skin.

Powerful Yet Gentle Ingredients

Our products combine the power of nature and science to deliver highly effective yet gentle solutions, whitening skin as it softens.

Inside-Outside Results

Seoul White Korea is all about the holistic approach: long-term skin improvement from the inside out.

Great Value

The friendly price points are designed to make the coveted Korean glow more easily accessible to a wider audience.


Korean actress Moon Ji-in is the fresh and radiant face of Seoul White Korea. She is the epitome of the Seoulista: an effortless beauty with a skin-first mentality.

The Ingredient Story

A testament to their commitment to produce skin-enhancing results, Koreans are known for utilizing the most unique, effective, and groundbreaking ingredients.

Seoul White Korea follows their lead by introducing a never-before-seen blend of natural ingredients that whiten as they soften, minus the mahapdi feeling.

Arbutin bearberry

Dubbed as the current darling of skin lightening in Korea and “the new kojic acid,” the bearberry is a natural form of alpha arbutin, a powerful skin brightener that lightens the complexion without any irritation.

White strawberry

A rare and special fruit, the white strawberry is known for its magical ability to stay white—even under the sun! Infused into skin care, it’s as if it has an SPF-like effect to protect the complexion, and also works as a natural exfoliant for a double whitening effect.

Donkey milk

Nicknamed “white gold,” donkey milk has been found to be superior than cow’s milk, packing is as much as four times the vitamin C. A precious liquid used by beauty enthusiasts since the ancient times, it’s known for being extra nourishing and moisturizing on skin.

Together, these three key ingredients make up the skin-caring powerhouse that is the Seoul White Korea whitening line.

Our beauty goal:
“Chok Chok skin for everyone”

Given how the Koreans have basically created their own beauty vocabulary with their endless breakthroughs and innovations, it’s not surprising that they’ve also come up with a unique term for the very distinct K-beauty look that’s got the whole world going green with envy. They call it “Chok Chok”—that fresh, dewy, almost porcelain-like skin that’s gorgeously fair and looks au naturel. No makeup needed!

This is Seoul White Korea’s ultimate skin goal: To deliver superior whitening that’s not just white, it’s “Chok Chok” white. With our easy two-step regimen, you, too, can achieve “kinis puti, kinis Koreana.”

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